Outcome 1 Despite changes to partnership structures and reduced funding to support engagement in them, communities and VCOs will continue to be able to influence public sector decisions about commissioning strategies and services.

To achieve this outcome, we will develop new interactive technologies which will enable groups to influence decision making and partnerships more directly, with less need for facilitation by GAVCA. We will then embed routes by which the views of communities via VCOs can be fed into new and existing commissioning and decision making structures.

Outcome 2 There will be more effective support available to, and a stronger collective voice from, voluntary and community organisations that support children and young people in Gloucestershire.

With involvement of members, we will form a formal partnership between PATA and GCVYS and develop a singe, integrated sustainable business model for taking forward this service. We will then promote the new integrated infrastructure service for the CYP Sector and start to test the new business model in order to support these organisations effectively.

Outcome 3 People will have more choice about how they volunteer in ways that fit with their lifestyles, interests and environment.

We will integrate the software used for volunteer brokerage and timebanking into an integrated system, so that participation in Fair Shares can be promoted and expanded amongst the VCS. This will provide greater choice and flexibility in ways to match individual volunteers and businesses to identified needs of VCOs. We then aim to disseminate nationally the success of this new model.

Outcome 4 There will be an increased contribution from the private sector to the sustainability of the VCS in Gloucestershire.

We will identify areas of infrastructure work that businesses might support and develop a package of opportunities to offer relevant businesses identified in previous pilot project. We hope to then re-locate GAVCA, PATA and Fair Shares into shared offices and explore opportunities for savings through sharing back office costs.


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